Who the heck is

Madame Lyra ?







...always deepening my relationship with self through graceful domination, guided energy, fetish plays,

psychology , senses & sound.

A natural intuitive with a B I G presence.

I approach ALL forms of exploration quite organically.

You will find me nurturing,  methodical & a torturess of all realms. 


Yet ALL,

With a deep Mystical approach.







"An outstanding Mistress who easily flipped between roles sensing my wants and needs beyond my previous descriptions. Beautiful woman with a lovely, strong body. A Wonderful time which i hope to repeat and further explore in the not too distant future. I am minimally weakened by some joint discomfort. She was very graceful finding my uniqueness and taking control. She has phenomenal control of her nectar (golden shower) which in no way was unpleasant (organic diet!). She is an EROTIC DOMINANT.

In the end she never rushed the 'goodbye."

"Accompanied by her great European look and pin-up figure, Madame Lyra is extremely well-cultured, intelligent, sensual, torturous and most important of all, she took me beyond my expectations..."


"...Wise beyond her years, this woman stares into your soul."



"I had the privilege of having a session with Madame Lyra the other day for the first time. She was beautiful and greeted me with a warm smile at her clean studio; Fresh towels and a wonderful shower - awaited. She was very accommodating to all my fetish requests which she indulged gleefully. Her beautiful blue eyes and playful giggles made my heart pound with excitement. Without going into too much detail, her vegan diet was administered in complete control and totally delicious. She let me worship her sweet feet and when asked playfully trampled my face and body and ass smothered me playing breath control games. She crushed my hands, barefoot and with heels and left an imprint on my wrist (fabulous). She was so good I managed to cum without touching myself; a great indicator of my complete enjoyment. and satisfaction. She was absolutely magnificent and professional throughout; so much so I am definitely coming back for another feeding!!!  I recommend her highly without reservation."


"I adore your spirit and smile! That's why I insist on you and only you  when I visit Toronto. And nobody else. Nobody else deserves, or has this 

positive attitude"


"Madame Lyra is forward and loves to study you. I dare say her desires are much more adventurous than mine and vast varied. I will see Madame Lyra again and in longer sessions as I find she has quite the voracious appetite..."


"What an absolute pleasure it was to meet and experience Madame Lyra this week.  She can be a dine out Courtesan and behind closed doors a kinkster at core.  While she has many outstanding physical qualities, it was her eyes I found most captivating – both by how exquisite they look and how she looks through them, right into your soul as if it were her mission in life to seek out your deepest desires, know them, understand them and satisfy them.  Never was there a moment she didn’t seem as lost in pleasure as I was.  I expect there isn’t a fantasy I can think of that she wouldn’t be eager to help in turning it into reality..."



"Meeting Madame Lyra... From the moment the door opens you are as comfortable as you would be with your best friend. This was the first time I ever searched out a fetish provider. We talked a bit over a glass of wine, she really got me to open up about what I was looking for. I wanted an introduction to fetish and kink and oh buddy I got one. She made sure I was comfortable and was sensitive to my limits as a newbie. She was beautiful in so many ways and paved an exciting road into the world of kink and fetish for me. I highly recommend Madame Lyra for anything really; from a most amazing trainer for newbies to an intense Fetish S&M, BDSM, CBT, corporal domination and fantasy games. She has skills and talents that will blow your mind..."

"As soon as she opened the door I knew that the reviews

were spot on

and that I was in for a treat...."


"She is not just the earthly beloved, she is creative, not created"