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R E A L ?
See below to discover what I require of you.
Priority is given to those who answer all the questions.
Length of time?
Who are you NOW?
What are the coordinates of our illicit rendez-vous?
Screening / Deposit; as a NEW client I must understand that your interest is of merit.

By Submitting you acknowledge that there are no guarantees of any kind written or implied. (In life) Madame Lyra accepts no responsibility for anything. Including cuts, sprains, insurance claims, chest pains and broken hearts.

Madame Lyra's services are non sexual

even if she is

the most epic tease of your life .. so far

And now finally, the best part.

The Goddess Lyra, formally known as Kali, will happily strip from your

persona all that you do not need and are ready to give up.

Worry not, you can take it all back again at the end of the session.